Chicago Companies Are Stepping Up to Take Down Covid Chaos

By Pete Wilkins

Photo: Liz Lawrence

As the coronavirus has completely upended “business as usual,” Chicago-based companies are coming up with ways to innovate and offer customer-oriented solutions. After all, this is a time, if any, to bring something new to the table, and we’re seeing it happen in real-time across multiple industries, from technology and health and wellness to food and beverage, supply chain, and beyond. I recently reached out to my network to see what they’re doing to adapt — or better yet make a difference — during these uncertain times. 

 Here’s what I learned. 

mHUB, MATTER, and 1871: Chicago’s leading innovation centers have joined forces to mobilize the tech ecosystem around designing solutions that can support in the fight against COVID-19. Activity is already underway as innovators work on prototypes for fast production medical devices and parts that are in limited supply, and several startups have connected at the city, county, and state levels to support ongoing efforts. A website, seeking open calls for solutions is now live.


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