Chicago Product Innovators Launch Crowdfunding Campaign to Support Design and Production of Vital Personal protective and Medical Equipment

Chicago is uniquely positioned to fuel innovation in product innovation. The combination of strong talent pipeline from Midwestern universities, a strong and diverse manufacturing sector, global connectivity and a growing tech ecosystem attracts some of the greatest minds in hard tech. 

In the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, the community of makers and physical product entrepreneurs has turned their attention to developing solutions to increase the supply of vital personal protective and medical equipment to support the region’s healthcare system. Called the Medical Protective Equipment Rapid Response Group, entrepreneurs are working tirelessly, hand-in-hand with clinicians and manufacturers, to develop life-saving technology quickly. 

 Design and development is underway for face shields, N95 masks, intubation shields, ventilators and other vital equipment. The group is putting out a public call for support to secure raw materials and components to scale production.

Support Efforts to Develop Lifesaving Equipment


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