Innovators & Entrepreneurs Pivot for COVID-19 at mHUB

Entrepreneurs and engineers at mHUB have come together to pivot their focus onto creating new solutions for PPE and medical equipment. They are leveraging readily available and low-cost materials that can be developed quickly in the immediate fight against COVID-19.

In the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, mHUB’s community of makers and physical product entrepreneurs has turned their attention to developing solutions to increase the supply of vital personal protective and medical equipment to support the region’s healthcare system. Entrepreneurs are working tirelessly, and-in-hand with clinicians and manufacturers, to develop life-saving technology quickly. Special thank you to those who have pivoted their companies for change.
Ventilator Solutions: Influit Energy, mHUB, DeviceDev Consulting, Cornerstone Research Group, Johnson Controls, Motion Dynamics, and Mechanical Design Labs 
AMBU Bag Compression Device (ABCD): mHUB, HANK Industries, Rafferty Engineering, Nemera, Northwestern University, Innoblative, and Brightseed 
Powered Air-Purifying Respirator (PAPR) Device: Jiobit, MP Consulting, and PDT, an Astronics Company 
Open Source Face Shield: mHUB, SquareOne Product Development, and Pepper Life, Inc
Intubation Shield/Protective Dome: Bakspacer and Karman Innovations 
N95 Mask: KOA, Rafferty Engineering, Brian Donlin Design, HANK Industries, and Loring Human Factors

The fight is far from over. Join us and pivot for a cause. 


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